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Big Swell and The Big Bang

“Sir, I don’t believe in God. I believe in the big bang.”

“Okay”, I say,

“do you know that the Big Bang actually proves God’s existence.”

A puzzled look often follows.

As a teacher, I often hear these words from year to year.

Point one is that, strangely enough, the guy who came up with the theory of the Big Bang is actually a Catholic priest who was a scientist (Monsignor Georges Lemaître). It would be very strange indeed if  someone promoted a theory that basically suggested that their whole life as a priest was a waste of time.


Point two, atheist scientists were not originally big fans of the Big Bang theory. Why? Because they wanted to believe that the universe always existed, rather than having a beginning. How does this relate to God? Well, what has a beginning has a cause, the universe has a beginning, therefore, the universe has a cause.


If you are a surfer, maybe you will understand it this way. You can’t have big waves without a big storm. Waves don’t appear from nowhere but from the winds of storms way out at sea.


Put really really simply:


You cannot have a Big Bang without a Big Banger.

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